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Fall 2018 Grant Cycle

PHNCF's Mobility Manager, Ms. Brown, was recently made aware of a mother who was unable to get two of her school-age children to school, due to lack of transportation and cold/adverse weather prevented them from walking. The mother was also unable to accommodate walking with them (on days with acceptable weather) because she also has 2 younger children, and is pregnant with another. The father starts work much earlier in the morning than school starts, and he uses their only car.

Through this collaborative partnership, Ms. Brown was able to contact Mercer County Regional Council of Governments (COG), who together were able to assist the family in finding transportation for the children. The children would now be able to arrive at school by 8 a.m., which also gave them enough time to get a free breakfast in the morning. The father obtained 2 bus passes from COG, and the children are now regularly attending school. Connecting Mercer County, beyond building a broader evidence base, fostered collaboration between the school, United Way, PHNCF, and COG to assist a family in need.


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